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Welcome to the Turquoise Trail National Scenic Byway, popular with tourists and locals alike since the 1950's.

The Mission of this site is two-fold. First, this site will provide the public with information on the progress of our revised 2005 Corridor Management Plan, as well as, provide useful information to all the stakeholders--that's you and many other landowners, business owners, travel specialists, conservation and historical group members, government officials, interested citizens, and valued tourists.

The second, and no less important mission, is to provide the public with a convenient method to add to the process. We encourage you to attend our meetings and if you cannot, please e-mail us with your ideas and concerns. We want your input! The Scenic Byway Advisory Council will review all e-mail and will try to respond to questions as time allows. A frequently asked questions page has already been developed and is on this website.We even have an on-line questionnaire to help evaluate public opinion--your opinion.

We have a vision, but to continue to implement it, we need your help. Please send us an e-mail and describe your goals for the future for the Turquoise Trail. Visit the Vision page and help us implement goals to meet that vision.

Please bookmark this site and visit often. As the weeks go by, links to more and more valuable information will be included as it is developed.


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